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Advisory Board


Dean Bradshaw


Dean's professional odyssey began at Barclays Capital, London, where he played a pivotal role in assisting private and institutional clients navigate through the bank's structured products. His career trajectory then veered into the world of mergers and acquisitions within the SME sector, where his strategic “buy-and-build” approach at a global private equity firm contributed significantly to stakeholder value enhancement.

As the founder of Millicent Investors, Dean oversaw 300 acquisitions across multiple sectors, embedding the company in a trajectory of consistent growth and innovation.

In 2023, the firm transformed into Millicent Capital, marking a paradigm shift from acquisitions to project finance. This transformation, a testament to Dean’s adaptability, positioned the firm as a powerhouse of innovative financial solutions for complex, large-scale projects amidst evolving market dynamics.

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Matt Hastie


Matthew is a results-driven visionary, adept in fostering team synergy and driving organizational success in dynamic settings. His strategic and business acumen is evident in his proven track record of capitalizing on market trends and ensuring sustainable growth.

An accomplished executive in the recruitment and payroll industry, Matthew has executed strategic M&A, enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction through identifying and integrating synergistic opportunities.

Moreover, his extensive knowledge in project finance, marked by securing funding and mitigating risks for large-scale ventures, underscores his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes with innovative solutions.

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